Featuring/Muse: Marisa Desimone

As part of The Creator Class challenge (#TCCChallenges), Christina Cheng and I collaborated to create a short visual piece that would showcase today’s fashion in a clean editorial way while taking a deeper dive by touching on relevant a topic in today’s society – gender roles. 

We are currently living in a moment in fashion (and lifestyle) where designers are challenging gender roles — Gender specific clothing is out and androgyny is in. For some, this raises a sensitive topic of belonging through day-to-day challenges. There’s a stigma associated with the term ‘androgyny’ or ‘androgynous’, but for others, it’s a form of liberation.


“When I shaved my head, I became a conquest for boys. Boys who thought I was gay but wanted to ‘make’ me straight or see if I was straight. There was a test and challenge introduced…"

-  Marisa Desimone

“I feel beautiful this way, no one questions someone’s manliness when they have long hair… I think what I take away from all this is that everyone has their own normal; I am my version of a girl, I am my own version of a boy too I’ve come to realize… Most importantly, I am me with the way I present myself — from head to toe.”

Look 1

Damir Doma
 Jami Tunic Wrap Jacket Coal


Underlaying Tee White/White

Arc’teryx Veilance
Apparat Pant Black

Look 2

Engineered Garments
 Nyco Poplin Type 51 Parka Olive

Fear of God
Inside Out Terry Crewneck Sweater Heather Grey

Traditional Shirt White/Black

3.1 Phillip Lim
Knit Cuff Quilted Cargo Pant Fatigue Green

Clothing c/o: Nomad Toronto

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